Genesis™ Organic Horse Feed, is grown with wisdom and care by farmers who use organic farming methods, no pesticides, no herbicides, pure clean human grade feed products in harmony with nature and is formulated to:

  • Increase performance
  • Lower disease
  • Use less feed
  • Increase weight gain

It is difficult for those feeding hard-working, lactating and growing horses to supply sufficient nutrients in hay alone to meet the horse’s energy and protein needs.

When you see the raw ingredients that go into Genesis™ Organic Feed, you realize that these are not ordinary “feed quality” ingredients.  They are human grade food quality ingredients, carefully grown for your horse.  You will be impressed by seeing, smelling and tasting the high quality of these ingredients.

Oats and hay are often sufficient for adult horses, but are too low in protein and other nutrients for active horses, brood mares and growing horses.

On  a natural environment, horses spend most of their day grazing, slowly taking in the nutrients they require.  However, in confinement, we take away the ability to choose their feed, supplying feed that is convenient to us – hay and concentrate, over-processed and pelleted.

Horses have the capability to utilize cellulose and hemicellulose from feed.  If they are fed too much concentrate or if feed is processed too extensively (i.e. made very digestible by cracking, extruding and grinding) the fermentation, digestion and absorption can happen too rapidly and can lead to conditions such as colic, Azoturia or laminitis.  Genesis™ organic horse feed is as close to a  natural product to which horses digestive system evolved to intake the required nutrients, in addition to roughage, for a balanced diet.

Many people try to improve ration for animals by fertilizing crops, processing grains, and using feed additives.  If you could feed your broodmares, foals, mature horses, jumpers, etc. using untreated, pesticide and chemical fertilizer free feed, wouldn’t you?  We use organically grown feed ingredients that have high quality carbohydrates, oil and protein to produce a product with appropriate energy and fat levels with a well-balanced protein base.


Genesis™ Organic Horse feed  would impress anyone.  The Canadian prairies finest, extremely clean, and heavy clipped oats.  Oats are rich in polyunsaturated fats, primarily linoleic acid, which makes up about half of the oil in oats.

Hulless barley is very comparable to the nutritional quality of naked oat groats, providing a very digestible starch, high energy, low fiber product.

Peas are not commonly used in horse feed in North America, but they are used extensively in Europe.  Peas are an excellent protein source, have two to three times more protein than other cereals with a considerably higher Lysine content (an essential amino acid).  Peas have a biological value equivalent to soy protein, and are a very useful source of protein.

The flax from Genesis™ organic feed has been tested at much higher protein levels, higher fat content and lower crude fiber level, indicating a higher quality seed than standard feed flax.  Flax and flax meal contain omega 3, which is an essential fatty acid.  Flax has demonstrated useful anti-inflammatory properties, decreased blood LDL-cholesterol (bad cholesterol), and may prevent arthritis.  Flax not only has phytoestrogens, but also other anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-carcinogenic properties, as well as antioxidant properties.  Flax is high in boron, a trace mineral that helps the body hold onto calcium.  Flax will impart a shiny coat and prevent itching. .

The flax meal in Genesis™ organic feed ration is unlike other flax meal and compared to conventionally grown flax, has two to three times greater oil content.  Our flax meal is cold pressed.

  • No Corn or corn by products
  • No Soy or soy by products
  • No Animal by products
  • We are  GMO / chemical pesticide free
  • No molasses

We believe that these organically grown high quality feeds are unique to the horse industry and will be the beginning of a new era of horse feeding.  We are pleased to offer Genesis™ certified organic horse feed products to the discriminating and concerned horse owner.

Genesis Horse Feed was formulated and evaluated for nutrient content and final blend formulation by Mr. Vernon Racz of the e Prairie feed research Centre at the University of Saskatchewan.